Top 12 inspirational quotes that have INSPIRED my stroke recovery!

They were gems of inspiration to me. Little upbeat quotes posted on-line were a big help when I was coping with a severe illness. I’d founded the charity Fighting Strokes, and set myself physical challenges to help me progress. But those words of wisdom on social media really helped me to achieve my aims.

The front cover for this ebook was inspired by my ultimate personal goal to run again. I always believed I would run again in my beloved Peak District. Though no one else did.

Well, true to my word, I did run again in February 2012, just two years following my ‘locked-in’ illness.

Social media became my emotional support, my crutch, as I scoured Twitter and Facebook for positive quotes each day. My dark times were very dark indeed. I struggled to cope alone with the emotional fall-out, so positive quotes were my metaphoric ‘crutch’.

However, as I ‘retweeted’ or ‘shared’ something extraordinary happened.

More and more people from around the world began drawing strength from my inspirational quotes too! All kinds of people – those progressing from illness; as parents; employees; athletes; grief-stricken loved-ones; lovers; or non-religious types.

This gave me yet another ‘light bulb’ moment.

The catalyst for action was Cheryl Clever who wrote on my Fighting Strokes Facebook page in December 2012,

‘Kate, when will you please publish a book of all your inspirational quotes?’

Well the fear of being sued prevented me going ahead with the ebook, but I chose 12 of my favourite ones for this blog.

Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill

You only live once?
You only die once!

If I’d observed the rules I’d have never gotten anywhere.
Marilyn Monroe

You only have 3 choices in life.
Give up
Give In
Give it everything you’ve got!

Start thinking wellness, not illness
Kate Allatt 2013

Im-possible is 2 letters too long!
Inspirational Sayings and Motivational Quotes – Digital Subway

Once you choose HOPE anything’s possible.
Christopher Reeve

You never lose a neural pathway if it returns.
Kate Allatt 2011

Time heals all wounds

Obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.

Perfection isn’t the goal of self-improvement..improvement is.@SoulSeedsCoach

Do you ‘talk the walk‘ or ‘walk the talk?’Alcoholics Anonymous Chicago 1960’s.