So would Mrs Doubtfire have coped? #RobinWilliams @kateallatt

I loved the amazingly witty, sharp proviso, the serious actor and all round unique talent of Robin Williams. Fact.

However, with Iraq, Ulraine, Ebola, Eygpt….. should this really have been the number 1 news story on the BBC at 6pm?

Robin sadly took his own life and very abruptly, but it was HIS desperate choice, if not perhaps warped.

He, like a lot of people clearly struggled to cope with his dreadful demons, emotional baggage and resulting severe addictions.

I’m glad to see a switch in America’ press to reporting mainly on issues surrounding mental health and depression towards the end of Tuesday.

Like a lot of stand-out talent (& he absolutely did stand out) he was actually merely vulnerable human (and a very flawed one at that), as opposed to the ‘perfect human we all seemed to ‘celebrity’ worship.

I hope his legacy raises issues surrounding mental health and depression which affects people with stroke, though I have to say that I will be gigging out my old Mrs Doubtfire DVD! RIP.