About @KateAllatt

My stroke recovery blog out every Sunday at 10am.

I survived a devastating brainstem stroke diagnosed with locked in syndrome at the age of 39. I went on to make a remarkable recovery, against all the odds.

I give practical advice to aid stroke recovery.

I know all strokes are different and I give absolutely no promises, just possibilities.

‘So imagine being buried alive, where you can think and feel normally,
but you can move absolutely nothing?
A state where you can hear and see everything going on around, but you are unable to communicate that you can understand anything to anyone?
Against all medical opinion, I fully recovered after PROVING EVERYONE WRONG!

But then, I went on to inspire changes in the lives of countless others, globally with locked in syndrome with my own Fighting Strokes charity

My speaker showreel is here:

I founded and campaign with Fighting Strokes and have written 3 books in 3 years! I’m an internationally published author – ‘Running Free‘.

I self-published ‘Gonna Fly Now!’ (2012) & ‘I Am Still The Same’ 2014 (Amazon). I have featured across a range of UK and global media from America to India to Australia and South Africa.

I am wholly voluntary and I dedicate my life to helping improve the lives of people affected by brainstem stroke, locked on syndrome, stroke & stroke recovery.

Patient visits, research, steering committees, books, apps, speeches

Winner ‘Extraordinary Woman 2011’

6 thoughts on “About @KateAllatt

  1. colleen gaylord says:

    My mom suffered a brain stem stroke 2 months ago that’s left her quadriplegic and locked in..any tips on treatments or things I should be doing or specialists I should be looking for?

    • A Neuro Physio?
      Speech therapist?
      Is she communicating with eye gaze or eye tracking?
      Electrical stimulation?
      Where is she?
      What did she like doing before?
      So many questions
      Where r u?

  2. colleen gaylord says:

    Kate, sorry it took me a few days to answer your reply. Mom had some complications that week . Also ,I didn’t have regular access to internet.
    Can you please email me? Would really appreciate any advice.

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