Invisible – anonymous 2008


“Lonely, invisible, unloved, isolated, paranoid & withdrawn.
Old ‘normal’ friends have gone – maybe I’ll always be permanently damaged-goods to them?
But why is it so hard for me to forgive some from my past, even though I know counsellors will always tell you: ‘you must let it go.’?


Few will ever understand me now and even fewer try to bother to try figure me out or involve me – without patronising me – or make allowances. Do they perceive my emotional highs and lows as abnormal?
To me it just feels like I’m the ‘odd one’ that nobody ‘gets’ now. But then, did anyone ever really get me?


Trying to think how I can integrate back into society after a few years in the wilderness, but I can’t. The uphill battle seems insurmountable.
Am I destined to spend most of my days alone, still like the odd-one-out in the school playground?
If so, absolutely nothing has changed and the feelings are just the same.
I’m as trapped and isolated as I ever was.


Kind acts for other human beings are appreciated not only by the receiver, but by the giver even more. But it seems that I am all out of kind acts for myself.
Humans need companionship and strong bonds don’t they? Plus they need to feel noticed, valued and loved unconditionally. Sadly, those basic human needs are missing in my life and I still feel completely invisible.”

– Anonymous

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