Stroke recovery CAN be SEXY! @fightingstrokes

A stroke is absolutely NOT sexy, let me be clear so I don’t offend anyone!


Why have we still not made the subject of stroke with politicians, TV and newspaper editors SEXY?

How often do you see more than just a few column inches or online pages dedicated to stroke recovery?

CANCER CHARITIES have successfully given cancer a persona when they talk about giving the illness the ‘V-sign’ on TV.

Yet our national stroke messages seem so utterly boring and not newsworthy, well unless you are a well known celebrity. (Marr, Lauren Bacall, Tarrant, Devey, Jessie J, Sharon Stone,…..). give me strength.

While I’m ranting, why are other cancer charities and governments so preoccupied with stroke prevention?

Sure, prevention is very important, but what about those poor people who didn’t actually manage to prevent their stroke happening in the first place? What messages are out there to help us recover and contribute to society?

Change the record please and start ‘ass kicking stroke’ and redress your stroke marketing messages to help people try to recover more from stroke!


15 thoughts on “Stroke recovery CAN be SEXY! @fightingstrokes

  1. Absolutely, nothing wrong with Stroke prevention messages, but the battle to recover from a stroke need not be a tale of woe, it can be a physical triumph of positive determination…and the media needs to find a face or a story that they find appealing…that’s the way they do it… and Cancer has got its act together better than stroke recovery…. I envisaged stroke recovery as guerrilla resistance to the dictatorship of physical disability, we must bomb the fascism of restricted mobility, blow up the stalag watch towers and the checkpoint charlies of this totalitarian regime and emerge like the Sound of Music children, laughing and singing whilst running up mountains!

  2. oc1dean says:

    Ah Kate, there are numerous things that can be done for those survivors in the first week but first we are going to have to convince the medical world that this preoccupation that everything revolves around tPA and prevention is the wrong focus. World domination would probably be easier.

  3. Myrna Santos says:

    Sroke recovery needs to be focused It will cost the government less if there are more recovery than just paying for disability just saying

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